Goforchess - Blitz and Wipeout Festival

Chess Tournament

Goforchess - Blitz and Wipeout Festival

VENUE Bryneven Primary School ORGANISER Clyde Wolpe CLUB Go for chess RATING CONTACT http://www.goforchess.com/blitz__wipeout_festival

Entry fee:     R150 per tournament or R250 for both events

(either pay on the day or EFT into account below using your name as reference)  

Bank Details:



Capitec bank

a/c 1257854095

b/c 470 010



General Rules: 

Both tournaments are unrated

7 round random swiss format

Cash prizes subject to the number of entries in each category

Draw for colour every game

Where scores are tied with a direct bearing on the prizes, there will be a playoff.

Each tournament is limited to 80 players on a first come first serve basis




Rules specific to Blitz 


Time limit 10/10

Touch move does not apply (clock move applies)

2 or more illegal moves in a game will result in a disqualification

Leaving the king in check will result in immediate disqualification

(do not capture the king - that would also be illegal - call the arbiter and he will award the point to you)

Must press clock with same hand as you move with

Clock's positioned on white's left hand side




Rules specific to Wipeout Chess

Clocks will not be used

The winner is the first player to have all of his/her pieces taken

In the event of a deadlocked position, the player with less material wins

The king is the same status as any other piece

A player must take a piece if he/she is able to

En passant is legal and must be applied if it is the only capture available

Castling is not allowed


Tournament Details