Fee Structure

Fee Structure

2017 Fee Structure Details 

Fees for players for JHB Metro is the Chessa Fee plus R50.

Club fees are separate from this and is at the club's own discretion.


R150 Juniors  (Chessa R100 + JHB Metro R50)

R250 Adults (Chessa R200 + JHB Metro R50)


We urgently need all players to register as Johannesburg Metro players, together with the registration fees payable to JHB Metro (see banking details).  JHB Metro is required to collect and pay the CHESSA Fees for every player in the union.  Proof of payment to be sent to ratings@jhbmetrochess.co.za

 If players are not registered with JHB Metro and a Club within JHB Metro, their tournaments will not be rated.  See published notification on www.chessa.co.za. Chessa Fees per Union is due by 31 January 2016.


Chessa : "As resolved and adopted at the Chess SA OGM held in Cape Town on 3rd July 2015, all participants in chess activities in South Africa as well as club, regional, provincial, national and international events, as well as educational institutions chess activities must be paid up members of Chess SA and subject to an annual membership fees which Chess SA is effecting from 1st January 2016."


All clubs need to submit a players list ASAP to ratings@jhbmetrochess.co.za