SAJCC Coaches

SAJCC Coaches


Coaches were rated based on 

(a) Individual players,
(b) school involvement,
(c) previous SAJCC experience,
(d) previous SAJCC reports/feedback,
(e) responses to questionnaires and
(f) the Peer Review.

Then teams were assigned to the coaches based on rank, best fit and preference.
Final agreement regarding responsibilities, payment and performance will be agreed upon at the first coaches meeting.

We can only appoint A and B team coaches at the moment, since the number of C teams are dependent on player acceptance.

Under 20 - Rodwell Makoto
Under 18 - Roberto de Abreu (A) & Kunda Chipepo (B)
Under 16 - Darren Bornheim (A) & Nhlanhla Thabethe (B)
Under 14 - Matthew Jonker (A) & Jaishil Modi (B)
Under 12 - Craig Bornheim (A) & McDonald Mabuya (B)
Under 10 - Francois Oberholzer (A) &  Linda Makhubela (B) & Mothupi Lekgau (C)
Under 8 - Corno Klaver (A) & Eric Mphathi (B) & Andrew Horne (C)
Under 8 Girls - Victor Ndongeni


Once C teams are selected, if any, we will appoint the coaches on the shortlist.

These are all dependent on player acceptance.